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Our aim at Premier is to provide fast and efficient warehousing methods for more productivity in your organisation and for your business to be more responsive.

Cross - Docking Facility

Products from a supplier or manufacturer are distributed directly to the customer or retail chain with minimal to no handling or storage time.


Why we use Cross - Docking

  • To provide a central site for products to be sorted and for similar products to be combined to deliver to multiple destinations.

  • Combining many small loads in one load for less transportation costs.

  • Breaking down large product loads to smaller quantities for faster and easier delivery.


Warehousing at major centres

Contracts are managed by a professional management team

employed by Premier. The team are responsible for the

effective management service levels which include but are

not limited to, set KPI's and service levels agreements.


By letting us focus on the warehousing and storage for you,

you can focus on the core fundamentals of your business.

We focus on
  • Automotive

  • Industrial

  • Dry food ingredients

  • Health and leasure equipment

  • Hardware

  • Non - hazardous chemicals

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